Google Updated Their Mobile Friendly Update

  • August 02, 2016
  • Bradley Taylor

mobileIn April of 2015, Google released their new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that is completely designed to give a much needed boost to any mobile-friendly pages that are coming up in Google’s mobile search results that are put into the search boxes. This is good news for all of those that are going to be ranking their mobile pages throughout the Google platform.

What Did This Change Do?

The change is going to be one of the most significant throughout the search engine for any mobile pages that are going to be searched for. This change has gone by a host of different names, depending on who you ask, such as mobilegeddon, mopocalypse and so on. This is because the change is so significant and big in the way that SEO is done on mobile devices that it needs a large name to go with it.

How does Google test if your mobile pages are Google search engine friendly?

They use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool that provides the user with an idea of how this works in their favor, and whether or not Google is going to be able to find the pages that you have up and are searchable to those visitors that are looking for the information or items within your mobile based website.

This new way of searching through the mobile pages allows the user to bypass any of the regular websites that are not optimized for use on mobile platforms. This is also ideal for those that do not want to use a lot of their data pulling up a regular web page on their phone and want to use a mobile version of the page instead. However, Google currently still provides the option to view the larger website pages if the user wishes.

If you currently do not have a mobile friendly website, then it may be time to make the change and upgrade to allow your website to be viewed by smartphones that are searching for the information on them, while providing a way for them to easily obtain it.

When considering upping your SEO for the changes that have been made on mobile pages, speaking with a professional regarding the changes is essential. With many companies working in the Melbourne, FL area, you can make sure to find exactly what it is that you’re looking for, including the visitors to your website that you’re in need of.

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