Google Starting to Think Like People

  • April 02, 2015
  • Bradley Taylor

googleIt appears after 17 years of operation the Google search engine is finally starting to mimic the thoughts of a human being. Instead of you having to type “best restaurant+seafood+Melbourne+Florida” you can just say or type “what is the best seafood restaurant locally?”. The reason for this ability is the implementation of many years of algorithmic updates.

Google’s latest updates include something called “long tail keywords”. This is for searches that add on detail to the subject of the search. ex. “what seafood restaurant in Melbourne Fl. offers the best shrimp?”

Google has come so far that they are officially considered an “A.I.” ie artificial intelligence.  Now, before you start thinking all Terminator on me, I should mention that Google is not in control of any weapons or defense systems. LOL.

What All This Means to Website Owners

These most recent updates mean that you can optimize your website for longer key terms. Don’t be afraid to put entire search strings in your meta keywords or tags section.

Tell your webmaster to include longer search strings in your optimizing or send him/her this article at least. That is my professional opinion.

~ Brad