Google Has Had Algorithm Updates: What’s This Mean for Your Website?

  • November 08, 2016
  • Bradley Taylor

Algorithm updates for Google are not a thing of the past and they’re also something that is not new to those that use SEO and other search engine techniques for their websites. Enjoy the benefits that come from being able to understand these updates and what they might mean for the life of your website and your search engine rankings.

A lot of websites and businesses that were once at the top of the ranking pages on Google have now fallen to the pages below. This has become a problem to them, since they are unsure of what their once highly ranked pages are now in the back of the search engine.

The culprit?

The change in the way that Google picks up the keywords when something is searched through the websites.

This means that previously optimized websites might not be ranking as well since the way Google reads them has completely changed. This new change is known as Hummingbird and small sentences and fragments are now being picked up, rather than just single keywords. This means that those that have websites need to change the way that their keywords are placed throughout the content.

Google is always changing the way that they do their algorithms, which means that this new one might become obsolete in a few months if they come up with a different way to do things. This can be something to consider if you’re a website owner that wants to grab some of the best Google rankings in order to gain cash off the website.

SEO tactics are constantly changing, which means that sometimes you might not know what the changes are or how you should change your website to comply with the new rules so you can be found on the search engines. Allowing yourself to make these changes puts you in the lead for having potential viewers of your website that can actually find you when searching for something specific that is shown on your website.

Don’t be left behind in the SEO dust…

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