Fresh Relevant Content Still Number One SEO Factor

  • November 21, 2014
  • Bradley Taylor

Man open shirt to reveal SEO letters on chestAs you may already know there are a multitude of key factors when performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many consider it to be an exact science. At the same time, many industry professionals do not.

I read dozens of blogs weekly including that of Google search guru Matt Cutts. I I read these blogs and take from them bits of information that help me form my approach to SEO. It is an approach that is always changing because the algorithms of major search-engines like Google and Yahoo are always changing. 

The folks at these search engines want to reward the top spots to the site providing the most relevant content and the most abundant amount of said content. It’s that simple. They are getting away from the nit-picking of exact and perfect meta tag entry and broken links. The reason they are doing this is because many folks are using content management platforms like WordPress or Joomla. The sites built in these platforms can leave many tiny errors within them as they are grow and transform over time. Only a madman would expect web developers or bloggers to go through the entire server to find each and every one of what may be thousands of errors caused at the dynamic level. As long as these tiny errors don’t affect the user experience detrimentally then the search engines are fine with them.

Content. Content. Content. I wrote it three times because fresh unique content is three times as important as any other factor in your search engine optimizing campaign.