FaceBook Graph Search A Tough Competitor to Google

  • March 01, 2013
  • Bradley Taylor

graph-searchWith the new search engine on its social networking platform, the search result on FaceBook  will be more relevant, now. Launched as the beta version, the FaceBook Graph Search is currently accessible to a handful of users and a roll out of its extension is soon expected for  others. This graph search feature of Facebook will focus on people, photos, interests and places as the four core points. While announcing the graph search feature Facebook also revealed that more than 240 billion photos have been already uploaded and with more than I billion active users there is every possibility that Facebook will take on Google with this new introduction.

This graphic search feature from FaceBook is an honest effort from the social networking platform for relevant and precise search results and with more than one billion active people already on the network chances of finding out people and places is also quite high with it. Along with people search the interest search, photo search and location search facilities can be proved extremely beneficial to the users and truly speaking there are reasons to believe that it can really throw a challenge to Google.

With the new photo search the photos that are uploaded to Facebook will be visible on Facebook but it will now be possible to better streamline the searches for more relevant results. The location search is going to be another very interesting feature and with the huge amount of data that is uploaded by billions of users everyday finding the required information about any particular person or place or finding photos of them is very much possible and once it comes within the reach of every user the Facebook graphic search feature is really expected to have a very prominent impact on the search engine segment.

In a recent and interesting development Facebook and Microsoft has tied up and Microsoft has already announced a new update for Bing that will allow the search engine to show results from social networking platforms and will also allow the users to find updates and posts from their social network friends in the search results.

According to Facebook authorities this is an attempt to use social signals to make web search a better experience and users can really expect for some better days in the future. Though the graph search is still available in beta and a user is on a waiting list once he signs up for it but it is expected that a full scale roll out is scheduled in near future.

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