Evolution of Website Optimization Part 2

  • November 17, 2017
  • Bradley Taylor

by Brad Taylor

linking hierarchy in seo articleThe second part of the evolution of website optimization continues. The purpose of this series of articles is to give a basic overview of the changes in universally accepted methods to optimize websites. Just like any industry there are changes and additions as the years go on and we like to keep our readers apprised the best we can.

Website Optimization as we know it only about 17-20 years old. Website optimization is (by definition) to make concerted efforts to improve or alter your site so that it displays higher in search engines with the hopes of driving more traffic. In the early 2000’s we hadn’t coined the term SEO yet, and if it were coined by then, many of us were not using it.

Continuing where I left off in the last article, the second relatively new SEO practice that has garnered success for those doing it is content linking within a page or article. Yes, it has always been a good thing to link to source pages or to an info page that is helping you convey your message, but now there is a definite formula that seems to work.


Credible source link: This is where you link to a major news source or long-established information website from your article. If your article is about beekeeping you may link to an article on the NatGeo website about the same topic or one about bees in general.

Lateral Link: This is where you link to a page within your own website that also has some relevance to the subject matter at hand. Using the beekeeping example above; you may link to an article you wrote a year ago about making bee honey.

Social Media Link: The article writers today seem to want to include opinions of celebrities or even a tweet by a figure directly on the subject matter. For the beekeeping article, I could embed a tweet by a scientist commenting about the disappearance of the honey bee in North America. I would then link directly to his Twitter account and of course put a link to my Twitter account.

That completes the article abou content linking. Stay tuned for article three of The Evolution of Website Optimization.

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