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Getting Spammed from Your Contact Form Recently?

Are you starting to get spammed through your website contact form again? You are not alone. Literally millions of people have been receiving heavy doses of spam this week. The problem is that Contact Form 7, a form used by millions of people within their WordPress installations, has stopped working with Google ReCaptcha V2. When you log in, you get an alert to change your site keys to reCaptcha V3, a version that is supposed to work in the background. The problem is, spam is still getting through.

I have searched the web and have found many complaints but no answers from WordPress. I suppose the best thing to do to save time/money at this juncture is to wait and see of they sort this out and tighten up the security. Continue reading

How to Fix This Message in WordPress: Fatal error: Out of memory

This is the dreaded message many WordPress website owners have received over the last few years. But, for those who have seen it before and have dealt with it, it is no big deal. It is just more of an annoying hassle than anything else.

For whatever reason the default memory limit for WordPress is just 32MB. If you build out your site in any substantial way you will exceed this. So, you actually have to hack your own website to increase this limit to allow your site to continue functioning. The reason I say hack your own site is because many times the WordPress functionality is totally incapacitated because of the error. Continue reading

Website Ranking and WordPress Plug-Ins

In the late two thousand teens the complexity of what actually composes a website has grown. Now, websites are made up of several key ingredients, all put together and served to the viewer. Google is aware of the way WordPress (or any other CMS for that matter) works and have changed their algorithms over time to adjust to them. The main factors that Google cares about when it comes to WordPress sites are site speed and site security.


If a website is loaded down with plug-ins and advertisements and takes over 5 seconds to fully load, you can bet that Google will punish it. Continue reading

Website Speed Becoming More of an Issue in SEO

by Brad Taylor

Now that internet speeds and device speeds are very good , Google has put more focus on making sure that your site loads quickly. They have an internet speed test that allows you to test your website (both full site and responsive versions).

Of course, all efforts should be made to get the rating as high as possible so as to please Google but also the visitors to your website. Really, as long as your are above the 50 percentile you are doing OK. 60% or better is good. Not every website can be higher than 60% for several reasons, the most obvious being a site that runs lots of plugins or add-ons.  Websites with many large images on the homepage or main template will cause the site to slow down as well. Continue reading

Fresh Relevant Content Still Number One SEO Factor

As you may already know there are a multitude of key factors when performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many consider it to be an exact science. At the same time, many industry professionals do not.

I read dozens of blogs weekly including that of Google search guru Matt Cutts. I I read these blogs and take from them bits of information that help me form my approach to SEO. It is an approach that is always changing because the algorithms of major search-engines like Google and Yahoo are always changing.  Continue reading

Web Budget: Only if it Makes Sense

As you may know from reading my past blogs, I believe that many folks neglect their opportunity to flourish on the web. They don’t spend enough $ or pay enough attention to detail when it comes to their web presence.  Many leads can be garnered from a good-looking website that shows up first page. However, there are some businesses that simply cannot justify spending a large amount of money on web development and rightly so.


If a business doesn’t have a clientel that uses the web a great deal or a business has no plans to grow and expand business size then spending big $ on web development would equal the proverbial “spinning of wheels”.  This doesn’t mean they cannot benefit from having a web presence.  It simply means that the cost, like any other overhead expense, has to be justified and expected to yield a profit.


These days a business owner with some initiative can have a custom template built and installed on WordPress for roughly $500 and then spend the time to generate content and build inbound links him or herself. But this only makes sense if the owner/manager is dedicated to this task and has the time to do so.


~ Brad