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How to Fix This Message in WordPress: Fatal error: Out of memory

This is the dreaded message many WordPress website owners have received over the last few years. But, for those who have seen it before and have dealt with it, it is no big deal. It is just more of an annoying hassle than anything else.

For whatever reason the default memory limit for WordPress is just 32MB. If you build out your site in any substantial way you will exceed this. So, you actually have to hack your own website to increase this limit to allow your site to continue functioning. The reason I say hack your own site is because many times the WordPress functionality is totally incapacitated because of the error. Continue reading

New Apps that make life easier

from contributing editor Stephanie H.

Hand holding smart phone with abstract glowing squaresTheres an App for that! Its something that is very true in todays world. You can find Apps for recipes, music, games, stores, dictionaries, health matters and more. The list seems like there is no end. If you need to know something, you can find an App for that.

This led me to search for Apps that had to do with my last trip to Florida. Not being from the area I needed to find out certain information that would make my trip go smoothly. I started by purchasing my airline tickets on the airline App. I researched them, bought them and checked-in all on the App. Next, I looked for a hotel room. Now you can use a hotels individual App or one of those travel Apps. I went with the travel App. Need a rental car? Yes, they have Apps as well. Okay, now Ive got the essentials done with and Ive made my way to Orlando, what now? Continue reading

The Future of the Automobile

image from www.thefuturecars.com

image from www.thefuturecars.com

Picture the very first automobile.  You probably pictured a Ford, didn’t you?  Did you know the first car was actually a steam powered contraption built in China in 1687 for Chinese Emperor Chien Lung?  Many people think that Henry Ford is responsible for the first car, but he actually was responsible for the manufacturing process used in today’s cars, the assembly line.  His Ford cars were a far cry from that first steam powered car in China.  And today’s cars look entirely different than those produced by Henry Ford.  Technologies move forward and we can’t help but wonder, what will the car of the future be like? Continue reading

Keeping Electronics Safe During Severe Weather Season

Boy using computer at home, playing gameWe all enjoy the longer days and pleasant weather of the late spring and early summertime months.  In stride with the warm weather, come the chances of strong thunderstorms.  Heavy rains, tornadoes and lightning place your expensive equipment at high risk.  When the lights dip down for an instant and flick back on, it is the critical moment of truth for anything with a power plug.  Although you breathe a sigh of relief because the moment was not long enough to make you reset all the clocks, a power lull can be one of the most harmful conditions to any electronic device, most notably your computers and home entertainment equipment.

Heavy demand of the power grid during hot days for high voltage cooling units places a major strain on public utilities when factored in with overwhelming residential demand at the same time.  This causes the level of current to dip up and down in chaotic function.  The effects are reflected with a condition called transients or dirty power. Logic controlled circuitry requires a consistent level of electricity to run in the proper timing frequency.  At one of these crucial moments when it lags, you may be exposed to a system crash.  Most often, damaged data errors may occur or critical files become lost, adding to the nuisance factor.    Continue reading

Have You Ubered Your Way There Yet?

uber-logoImagine a great evening catching happy hour at your favorite neighborhood establishment.  Chiming from your pocket, you hear the familiar sound alerting you to a text that finds a handful of friends at the trendy new spot across town.  Wondering how to get there, you glance over to see the tired old list of taxi numbers, a handwritten paper taped to the wall.  Before dialing, you remember that this is the Twenty First Century, there has to be a better way than calling the same old cab!  Meet Uber, a tech savvy independent car service designed to get you there for cheaper and nicer.  Available in major cities worldwide, a ride is a few taps away. With investors chomping at the bit for what is becoming one of the most often discussed IPO’s for 2015, the speculations are running rampant for the $41 Billion dollar valued private company.  Investors think that ride-sharing is going to be worth many times more than the entire cab industry. Continue reading

SEO Fundamentals (stripped down)

usI had a meeting with a client earlier and we were going over what we are doing to optimize his site and get more traffic. We were going over one of the most important factors, that being plenty of fresh unique content. But, when I left there I felt like I didn’t convey all that goes into a full SEO effort. So, I have compiled this list based on the latest white hat methods and publications by Google. This is really what every SEO effort should consist of.  Some of these are client side responsibilities:

From the ground up

1) Buy domain name out as long as possible – If you buy the domain name for 6 or 7 years it shows Google that you are in this for the long haul.  Also, you don’t have to worry about renewing it every year which can be a tremendous waste of your valuable time. Continue reading

Web Tech News-Latest In The World Of Web Technology

technology news forumAccording to the latest web tech news, in keeping with the recent trends and requirements of different industries and businesses, web technology is expanding to various domains besides tightening the noose in fields where it is already in use. In order to keep up with the emerging technology and trends the web is continuously evolving. Presently, everything seems chaotic, and it is up to the browser engineers to enable this new technological innovation. Similarly, web developers need to use this new technology appropriately and standard members of the group can iron out various compatibility wrinkles. This is sure to bring some method in the madness and allow optimum use of technology at hand. Continue reading

Miami Dolphins, IBM Team Up for Stadium of the Future

From Brad: Me being a huge Dolphins fan and spening oodles of time at the stadium, this is a double treat. Now we just need a QB.

Sun Life Stadium

Text messages that tell fans when their usual parking lot is full and where to park instead. Automated alerts that avoid dangerous overcrowding by directing masses of spectators to specific gates to enter and exit. Inclement weather warnings that prepare people in the stands for a storm before it hits.


All that and more will soon become real at south Florida’s Sun Life Stadium, thanks to a high-tech partnership the Miami Dolphins and IBM announced Tuesday. The agreement incorporates IBM’s cutting-edge analytics technology into the Dolphins’ home stadium, which also hosts many concerts and other events. It will make Sun Life Stadium the most advanced venue of its kind in North America, say IBM and Dolphins officials.


With 75,00 seats, 24,000 parking spots, 1.5 million square feet of space and the world’s largest point-of-sale vending system under one roof, Sun Life Stadium functions almost as its own little city when the Dolphins play or a famous performer comes to town. That’s why the Dolphins are adopting technology originally intended for IBM’s “Smarter Cities” initiative. Aspects of that program have already been implemented by officials in Berlin, Malta and London.


The technology monitors systems of different inputs and outputs — in the Dolphins’ case, for example, traffic patterns on freeways, crowd flow through turnstiles, social media chatter, and the like — then correlates it all in one place to make the data relevant for officials and administrators. At Sun Life Stadium, the information will all be run through IBM’s cloud-based Intelligent Operations Center.


Mike Gerentine, IBM’s vice president of global business partners and midmarket, said you can “think of it as a central command center” for analyzing event-day information and figuring out how to leverage that to enhance fan experience.


Dolphins CTO Tery Howard said that, as in-home entertainment becomes more and more advanced, live event venues have no choice but to keep up.


“When you look at who we’re competing with here for sporting events, really it’s the comfort of home with an HDTV,” Howard told Mashable. “We want to enable our management to be proactive as opposed to reactive to these data points.”


The initial phases of the IBM partnership will be rolled out on Wednesday, when Sun Life Stadium hosts an international soccer friendly between Mexico and Colombia. Officials will be able to monitor which point-of-sale tills sell alcohol after the cutoff time, as well as track parking capacity and entry numbers.


In the coming several months and couple years, the team will analyze how best to implement the next phase of the stadium’s high tech upgrade–those personalized alerts. Howard believes the continued innovation will be key to maintaining Sun Life Stadium’s reputation as a top-flight venue capable of hosting Super Bowls and the world’s biggest musical acts.


“These types of technological capabilities and intelligence allow us to differentiate ourselves not just to our fans, but also to those who wan to partner with us to host great events,” Howard said.


story by Mashable

Facebook to File Wednesday For $5 Billion IPO

Facebook IPO

Facebook is expected to file initial paperwork with regulators on Wednesday morning for a $5 billion initial public offering.


The social networking site has hired five underwriters, with Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS – News) taking the lead role.


Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS – News), Bank of America Merrill Lynch (NYSE: BAC – News), Barclays Capital and JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM – News) round out the initial list of underwriters on the deal.


The company is currently looking at a valuation of $75 billion to $100 billion, which would be one of the largest initial public offerings in U.S. history.


The IPO has spurred competition among retail investors wanting to own as many shares as possible.


“To the extent that there is any bubble in technology at all, it is really a bubble around Facebook in the sense that there is a huge amount of pent-up demand among retail investors for access to Facebook equity,” said Sean Parker, Napster co-founder, in an interview with CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos.


The current winner in the race for Facebook equity, with nearly $500 million, is Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner, head of investment group DST.


Milner, who also own a stake in Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA – News), Twitter, and Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN – News), called Facebook a “transformational” company that would continue to grow after going public, in an interview with CNBC on Friday.


-Reported by Kayla Tausche


Here at Olympusweb we think that they better hope and pray that the disastrous solar flares or some other internet infrastructure failure doesn’t wipe out the internet as prophesied by some folks. Facebook would go from a multi-Billion dollar company to a $5 million dollar company instantly and people would lose a great deal of money. This is the problem we see with investing heavy in virtual assets over long periods of time.