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Will Pointing Multiple Domains to My Site Help?

multiple domains help or hurt?This is a topic we run into quite often actually. There is a misconception that buying a bunch of domains and pointing them to your site will some how help the ranking or overall traffic of your website. This is simply untrue.

Google and other search engines try to make the best site show up for the search terms that are entered. They have cultivated algorithms over the years that aim to eliminate anyone using money to prop up their site. Propping up ones site in the past using money included buying inbound links from all over the web and loading up on domain names. It has been a long time since these practices were of any value.

That does not mean that pointing another domain to your site is not beneficial. If the old domain has been attached to an actual working website for a long enough period of time, a person can actually get some “link juice” from the domain when they forward it to their site. This is because Google realizes that people may have multiple sites with similar subject matter and instead of shutting one down they can redirect the old followers to the new or permanent website.

The link juice created from the re-pointing of the domain will create a temporary stimulation to your site in Google. The other value it creates is when anyone who had previously bookmarked your site decides to visit it again, they are redirected to your new site.

After a short time, the search bots figure out that the redirect is permanent (301 redirect) and the search results balance out and any link juice gained form this switch will dissipate. One thing you definitely do not want to do is switch the link forwarding back and forth. This confuses to spiders at the very least and at the very worst can look deceptive to the Google algorithms. You can be brown-listed. And nobody wants that.


SEO is Still About Know-how and Hard Work

search engine optimization contentWhen it comes to search engine optimization, there are a lot of misguided impressions about the industry. Some people still think there are some magic tricks that can be done to make a site climb the Google results.

But knowing how to optimize a site isn’t a magic trick. You just need the proper training and repetition. That is why so many companies hire a professional SEO programmer. Because through his/her training/trial-and-error, he/she has been able to hone the skills necessary to achieve results.

Still, even with the exact knowledge of how to optimize, there is no way around hard work. It takes time to fill out every keyword tag, every meta-data section and to clean the coding and server so that it easy for search engines to access and spider your site. But this is only half of the equation. Continue reading

Should I Approve Blog Comments from Other Businesses

approving comments on my blogMany blogs offer the option to leave a comment. There are multiple ways to leave them. The blog could utilize a Facebook plug-in that allows someone logged into Facebook to comment easily. Other sites use blog membership plug-ins with similar functionality, like Disqus. However, many people find these can be troublesome down the road when the company changes its terms, starts charging money or goes out of business.

The best solution is to offer an open comment form that allows the person to submit their name, email, comment and website. The website option is for those people commenting on behalf of a company or their own blog. Continue reading

Single Page Optimization

learn how to optimize you article on the webThere is not point in having a very optimized page that is within a website which is itself not optimized. Google would not see this page as the “single great apple in a basket of rotten apples”, rather, they would just see it as a basket of rotten apples. With that said, I am going to discuss the proper optimization of a single page.

Industry practices in this matter change all the time as Google itself changes. It is important to stay updated on all the algorithm changes at Google by reading their various blogsContinue reading

SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There are always going to be mistakes when it comes to the SEO and marketing that needs to be done. However, how do you know which things are a mistake and which things you should stay away from indefinitely? If you can avoid these mistakes, you should feel much more confident about getting the most efficient SEO tactics out there.

You Don’t Know Your Target Keywords

When you are writing for your website, if you are unsure of the target keywords that you should have throughout the copy, then this can become a problem. Not only should you have these keywords throughout every page, but they should be mentioned throughout your blog posts, too. The placement of these keywords should be natural. Continue reading

Almost Half of All Marketers Don’t Know What SEO is

Did you know… almost half of all marketers online do not know what SEO actually is? They might have heard the term, they might feel like they know what it means, when in fact they don’t. This is something to look out for when it comes to hiring a company that promises to get your name out there and market your website. SEO is important and if they are unfamiliar with it, then you will not want to use them for the marketing on your website.

Business and Personal Email Marketing

One of the biggest finds was that many businesses understand that sending business emails from their personal accounts is deemed as unprofessional. However, over half of them continue to send professional emails from these accounts. This is one of the biggest marketing email mistakes of the century, with close to 90% of these businesses stating that they know that it is a big mistake that they make, but don’t correct it. Continue reading

The New Hummingbird SEO Strategy from Google

birdHummingbird is the new search platform that Google has developed in September 2013 that has changed the way that Google picks up on keywords and other SEO throughout websites. It was named this because it is precise and very fast, much like a hummingbird. It is designed to focus on more of the meaning in the words, rather than just the words themselves. This provides users with a more focused search, rather than just finding random words throughout the text on websites.

How Does It Work?

Since Hummingbird is paying more attention to the backgrounds of each of the words throughout the content, it ensures that the query placed in the box is actually what results you’re going to get when you hit the Search button. The whole sentence or meaning is what is going to come up for you, rather than a bunch of random websites that might mention the word on them. This is all taken into account through this much smarter way of searching on the web. Continue reading

What is SEO?

Search Browse Find Internet Search Engine ConceptAre you new to the business world? Just getting your website up and running? Not very computer savvy? If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, I bet you’ve never heard of SEO. Let’s break it down.

The S is SEO refers to “search”. Everyone should know if they are online looking for something, a subject has to be entered into the “search query box”. This will tell your computer which subject you are looking for. You need to specify what to look for otherwise you’ll just be sitting staring at a screen with no direction. So, if you need to look up “sneakers”, you will enter the word “sneaker in the search query line. Now you’ll be directed to all kinds of websites that have anything to do with sneakers. Continue reading

Targeting your customers using SEO

SEO with puzzle and world map, search engine optimization, flatThere are millions of people on the internet every minute of every day. Each one of these people could potentially be your customer. Do you know how to ensure you attract the right individuals that will become customers? By effectively using SEO you can do just that.

Let’s say you live in Melbourne, Florida. You are searching for the best value on a new refrigerator. When you pull up your search engine; Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other, you will most likely type “refrigerator” into the search box. Since refrigerators are listed on your website, that customer stands a good chance at seeing your website on the list of sites recommended by the search engine. You need to put the appropriate text on your site to draw a customer to you. The customer is not going to type in “food cooling apparatuses” so don’t stretch out the description of what you are offering. This is called “keyword stuffing” and went out of practice a long time ago. Doing that will only frustrate someone and they will move on to another website that is more concise. Keep the title of your business relevant to your product. Titling your website “Melbourne’s best coffee” may sound like a good idea, but if using that brings a potential customer to a bed and breakfast website, it isn’t going to help you out at all. Continue reading

Importance of not falling for SEO Scammers

paymentLike any business where big money is at stake, the SEO world has attracted its fair share of scammers.  These are people who promise the world, overstate their qualifications, overpromise end results and will take any amount of money that you are willing to send.

It’s a fact that most small business owners prefer to hire someone to do their SEO work.  After all, there are some things that are best left to the professional.  And just like you’d want to hire a good mechanic or electrician, you also need to make sure you hire a good SEO expert.  Continue reading