Beware of Latest Phishing Emails

  • March 08, 2013
  • Bradley Taylor

online web securityBy now most people know what a phishing email is or at the very least have heard of it. In case you do not know, a phishing email is an attempt by a scammer to get you to click on an email in the ultimate goal of robbing you of money or compromising your security information. The emails can look very real and convincing to the untrained eye. The great news is that the trained eyes are very abundant these days and there are some very smart alert people online. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t alert and it can cost them, sometimes very little and sometimes very dearly.

When I get a phishing email I like to post it on here so that people can see what to look out for and to keep us all alert.  The one I just received is a Fed Ex spoof and it says I was not here to receive a package. It would then want me to click the link buried in the email and whisk me off to steal my information or load my machine with a computer virus. Not today scam artists!

If you get these emails you can usually report them by going to the website of the company which is being spoofed and finding the spoof reporting email. In this case the offending email is a Fed Ex spoof and I have forwarded it to [email protected]


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