Backlinks Still Relevant and Google +

  • April 24, 2014
  • Bradley Taylor

There has been some debate in the SEO industry about how important backlinks are. Some think that they are important in the pursuit of getting your website #1 on Google. Others say that they are less important or not important at all.

Based on the latest data released by Google (late 2013) backlinks are still very important.  The graph also shows something that we have been preaching for 6 months now, and that is the importance of Google + (Google’s own social media site).  Does Google + suck? Yes. Does Google own Google +? Yes. So that is all you need to know about that really.

Backlinks are created three ways. Two of them are “white hat” ie approved and encouraged by Google. (1) They are created when you guest blog/comment on another blog.  (2) They are created when someone finds your site valuable and decides to link to you. (3) And the last way they are created is if you pay a webmaster to link to you (this is the frowned upon version).

You or your SEO firm should regularly search the web and find ways to create backlinks. Reading an article and making a legitimate comment with your banklink is the most highly recommended way.

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