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Test Your Contact Form Regularly

contact form monitoringCan you imagine how disappointed you would feel if you found out that you had less sales this year because your contact form wasn’t working properly? Hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars of revenue because of a failure of your website to function properly.

Well, it happens. The reasons it happens can vary but in today’s web world, the most likely reason is that the contact form plug-in changed and broke the coding. The changes happen when the plug-ins are updated. Recently, there was a big mess when the people who manage the Contact Form 7 plug-in released an updated version that broke the functionality on many websites. Continue reading

Having a Website and Social Media is a Must

website and social media marketingIf you have a business, having an online presence in the form of a website is a must. Having social media pages for you business, such as Facebook and Twitter, is also essential. But, having one without the other is not a good idea.

We have found that the crossover between social media and the traditional website is a major factor in clients familiarizing themselves with a business. Both social media and a website serve similar functions, but a website really helps flesh out your capabilities and allows you to present the customer with exactly what you want them to see. Continue reading

Having a Good Website is Still a Must

website vs social media for businessMany businesses are having great success using their social media to keep customers informed. A Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page can be your number one asset when it comes to communicating directly with your current or potential customers. But, you should never assume that social media can replace your website.

Here are some reasons why social media accounts can never replace a good website: Continue reading

How to Fix This Message in WordPress: Fatal error: Out of memory

This is the dreaded message many WordPress website owners have received over the last few years. But, for those who have seen it before and have dealt with it, it is no big deal. It is just more of an annoying hassle than anything else.

For whatever reason the default memory limit for WordPress is just 32MB. If you build out your site in any substantial way you will exceed this. So, you actually have to hack your own website to increase this limit to allow your site to continue functioning. The reason I say hack your own site is because many times the WordPress functionality is totally incapacitated because of the error. Continue reading

Website Ranking and WordPress Plug-Ins

In the late two thousand teens the complexity of what actually composes a website has grown. Now, websites are made up of several key ingredients, all put together and served to the viewer. Google is aware of the way WordPress (or any other CMS for that matter) works and have changed their algorithms over time to adjust to them. The main factors that Google cares about when it comes to WordPress sites are site speed and site security.


If a website is loaded down with plug-ins and advertisements and takes over 5 seconds to fully load, you can bet that Google will punish it. Continue reading

How Long Will Keyword Research and SEO Remain Relevant?

When it comes to how long it is going to take before keywords are outdated, a lot of people think it is going to be sooner, rather than later. Technology moves so fast and with that, it means that there will be new, better ways to rank your website and get the views that are needed in order to bring in traffic. Keywords, currently, are a great way to boost traffic to your website while also being able to retain it.

Take a Look at What Keywords Do Now for Your Website

Taking a look at how keywords are used for a website currently is a good place to start. When you place the appropriate keywords throughout content, you are essentially pushing your website to the top of the list of search engines. Thus, providing those searching for the specific keywords the chance to click on your website and use the information you have given them. This is ranked on the best keyword usage, the flow of content and relevance to the search, as well as the competition out there. When you are at the top of these three things, you are at the top of searches everywhere. Continue reading

Misunderstandings about SEO

SEO SphereBack in the stone age of SEO, the late 1990’s, there was a form to fill out to submit to search engines.  This form would have site titles and keywords on them. That’s it. It was the infancy of SEO. And it didn’t last very long. Many of the keywords were spam. The practice of submitting forms was virtually gone by 2001. As you can expect, things got a lot more complicated from there.  Continue reading

New Client Website Launch

lyhIt has been our very own pleasure to work with the folks at Lynchburg Machining. They are a machining company and machine shop in Lynchburg, Virginia United States.  Their web URL is http://lynchburgmachining.com/

The customer required a website redesign which incorporated the style and feel of a modern website that featured easy to use navigation and rich, fast loading images.  The site also had to be responsive. In other words, it shrinks and grows automatically to fit the size of the browser on various mobile devices. Continue reading

Can you really improve your business with SEO?

Check out this wheel graph to see all that goes into the standard website optimization.

Check out this wheel graph to see all that goes into the standard website optimization.

Going into business is a dream a lot of people have.  Once someone decides to act on that dream, they have to have a way to attract people to their business.  Putting a website on the internet is a must in today’s world if you want to attract customers. Websites have the potential to greatly increase the bottom line of your business.  There are many things to consider as you put your web site up for all to see.  Your site has a professional and appealing look.  The information and images you put on the site showcase your service or product in the best light.  After a few months, is your business picking up?  Have you noticed an increase in sales?  If you haven’t, do you know why?  Consider that someone looking for your product or service puts that information into a search engine.  Have you tried doing that to see if the search engine brings your company up?  It may surprise you that your web site isn’t even listed in the first 200 listings out of 1,000 for those types of similar businesses. Customers can’t go to your website to do business with you if they can’t find it.

Now is the time to look into Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  What is SEO?  SEO allows you to use keywords or phrases in the text on your web site that a customer would most likely use, putting your website at the forefront of the web site list. Describing your product or service in your text accurately and precisely is one way to make sure you are hitting on all those keywords a potential customer might use.  A potential customer does not want to spend time trying to find what they need on-line.  It’s frustrating to have to hunt for that perfect product.  If it isn’t found easily, that customer will go where they can find it. The websites listed in the beginning of the keyword search normally are the ones that get the customer.  Don’t you want your business listed there too?

Now that you know a bit about Search Engine Optimization, it’s time to go out and put that knowledge to use.  It’s not difficult and you will be amazed at how many customers are now locating your web site and making purchases. This new found knowledge will surely increase your bottom line.

Mobile Friendly Site is a Must

Smart phone mobile navigation.This week Google will start rolling out changes to its algorithm that favors more mobile friendly sites when showing results to mobile users. Some companies and webmasters are freaking out about this evolution in search.  It only makes sense though that a more mobile friendly site should be shown before a less mobile friendly site to searchers on a mobile device.

It is estimated that about half of all searches now take place on a mobile device, whether that be phone or tablet.  There are still plenty of laptops and desktops in use though and one estimate claims that up to 3/4 of online sales occur on the laptop/desktop devices vs the mobile ones.

Who this will affect?

If your site was not built within the last year or so then there is a higher chance that is not mobile friendly. It simply has not been a major priority for web developers and business owners to make a special mobile friendly version of the site. Many companies just built downloadable apps instead. But it is now turning out that the mobile friendly or a mobile version of the site is the best way to go.

What can be done?

Your webmaster or the team here at Olympusweb.com can work on your site to make it responsive. This means that the site will automatically change the size of its borders to fill up the mobile device screen. Also, the links will appear more prominently. To see if your site currently is “mobile friendly” you can use the link here: Google mobile friendly test

Contact Us today if you need help making your site mobile friendly.