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Test Your Contact Forms Often

contact for tips seo melbourneThis week I was looking for a new landscaping company to cut and trim my grass. I went to a couple of their websites and filled out the contact form then clicked “send”.  What happened next is why I am writing this blog.

The forms (on two different sites) returned an error page which meant that they was broken. It made me think, “how long have these forms been broken and how much business have these companies lost because of this?”. Personally, I try to test the contact forms a few times a month for each one of my clients. But, if you are a business owner, you should test it weekly. Think about if you never got that big client that you currently have. That would be infuriating.  Continue reading

How to Fix This Message in WordPress: Fatal error: Out of memory

This is the dreaded message many WordPress website owners have received over the last few years. But, for those who have seen it before and have dealt with it, it is no big deal. It is just more of an annoying hassle than anything else.

For whatever reason the default memory limit for WordPress is just 32MB. If you build out your site in any substantial way you will exceed this. So, you actually have to hack your own website to increase this limit to allow your site to continue functioning. The reason I say hack your own site is because many times the WordPress functionality is totally incapacitated because of the error. Continue reading

Website Ranking and WordPress Plug-Ins

In the late two thousand teens the complexity of what actually composes a website has grown. Now, websites are made up of several key ingredients, all put together and served to the viewer. Google is aware of the way WordPress (or any other CMS for that matter) works and have changed their algorithms over time to adjust to them. The main factors that Google cares about when it comes to WordPress sites are site speed and site security.


If a website is loaded down with plug-ins and advertisements and takes over 5 seconds to fully load, you can bet that Google will punish it. Continue reading

Efficient and More Affordable SEO

With SEO as a need for website owners, knowing how to get the keywords and other factors in place, and keep them there, is a good thing. You have to ensure that you are using the best practices, tools and companies out there to boost your ratings. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should always find ways of keeping costs down without just hiring anyone, because affordable SEO is possible, but may be difficult to find.

Here are a handful of ways that you can help keep your SEO costs down, while keeping your SEO top notch. Continue reading

Does Your Company Have to Focus on SEO?

Many companies are wondering whether or not they have to focus their marketing efforts on SEO tactics. While this might seem like a silly thing to do, it is actually something that can benefit companies as a whole. However, there can be some downfalls to using SEO, as well. So, the answer to whether or not the company should focus on SEO is yes and no. Both have a part to play in it.

Why Should Your Company Use SEO

There are many reasons that your company should use SEO. These go into detail further with the fact that you are able to get picked up by search engines when someone searches for a specific word in your content. You can get more views, more customers or clients, plus be seen easier around the web. By placing these keywords throughout your website content, you are essentially allowing customers to find you through an easy avenue when you make the top lines of a search engine and they click on your website after doing a search. Continue reading

Is SEO the Secret to Getting More Business?

SEO is a big name throughout the Internet marketing industry. This is something that nearly all companies should think about. Not only does this allow your company to be seen more, but it has gained ground fast through the benefits that it provides to all Internet users. When you are putting your website out there, but only using marketing tactics to get people to come in and view it, then you might not be utilizing all of the tools that you can to get visitors when coming to a website. Knowing whether or not SEO is the secret to your business gaining ground is something that you’d have to try for yourself, but learning more about it can be ideal. Continue reading

Google Updated Their Mobile Friendly Update

mobileIn April of 2015, Google released their new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that is completely designed to give a much needed boost to any mobile-friendly pages that are coming up in Google’s mobile search results that are put into the search boxes. This is good news for all of those that are going to be ranking their mobile pages throughout the Google platform.

What Did This Change Do?

The change is going to be one of the most significant throughout the search engine for any mobile pages that are going to be searched for. This change has gone by a host of different names, depending on who you ask, such as mobilegeddon, mopocalypse and so on. This is because the change is so significant and big in the way that SEO is done on mobile devices that it needs a large name to go with it. Continue reading

Google Now Has SEO Spam Alerts

Spam filter word cloudThose website owners that use Google Analytics for their websites now have the option of using a tool that lets them know whether or not their content has spam in it. This is one of the biggest tools out there and one that is going to help website owners with the content that they provide to their audiences. When a keyword is played out too much and it is found in awkward areas throughout the content, it can cause the content to read much like spam would on a poor website. This is what the new tool is going to let the owner know.

What to Do if Your Website Content Reads as Spammy?

This might seem like a silly question, or even a tool that you do not think is going to be useful. However, with the proper SEO tactics and content, not only can your website rank much higher, but it will read much better overall. Changing the content to conform to Google’s new SEO policies can help your readers gain insightful information from your website, while also helping you rank higher in Google’s eyes. Continue reading

Beware of Tricky Web Solicitations

Concept of sending e-mailsAs anyone with an email account has probably experienced, there are lots of spammy and scammy emails being sent out there. Some are very obvious spam and have ED pill ads in them or are asking that you send money to Nigeria. But for the new business or new website owner, the spam scam emails change tenor. You may receive a very personal looking email that says they have been trying to contact you or even that they work for Google. They will then say they have a service that your company needs or it will be lost in search engines forever.

The truth is that these emails are just as useless and as spamy as the type I first mentioned. Since you registered a domain name, your contact info becomes available on public registries. The spammers use a robot to crawl public records and to help figure out what kind of spam they are going to send you. Continue reading

The Future of the Automobile

image from www.thefuturecars.com

image from www.thefuturecars.com

Picture the very first automobile.  You probably pictured a Ford, didn’t you?  Did you know the first car was actually a steam powered contraption built in China in 1687 for Chinese Emperor Chien Lung?  Many people think that Henry Ford is responsible for the first car, but he actually was responsible for the manufacturing process used in today’s cars, the assembly line.  His Ford cars were a far cry from that first steam powered car in China.  And today’s cars look entirely different than those produced by Henry Ford.  Technologies move forward and we can’t help but wonder, what will the car of the future be like? Continue reading