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Beware of “Domain Service” Scam

domain scam noticeOne of the more common scams today is something known as the “domain service” scam. This is an email sent by scammers that try as hard as they possibly can to make it look like it is coming from your domain registrar. At first glance, it looks like you are about to lose your domain name.

It will usually have the words “Expiration Notice” in bold or red letters. It will list an expiration date that is in the very near future. And it will have a link to “send a payment”. Notice it does not say “renew domain”. Continue reading

Bitcoin Thieves Up Their Game

I typically just stick to content related to web design and search engine optimization on this blog. But from time to time I will post an article about scams that are taking place in the virtual world. Today is an especially unique blog for me in that it will be the first time that I discuss cryptocurrency on this platform.

Electrum hack and phish

As you probably know by now, cryptocurrency is basically internet money. People use it by sending it to one another at which point they can exchange it for the fiat currency of their choice. It uses a technology called blockchain to complete the transaction. Continue reading

Attention: Important Notice , DOMAIN SERVICE NOTICE

If you have ever bought a domain name, you’ve probably received an email with that same (or very similar) text in the subject line. Rest assured, it is spam. One thing is for certain: almost every email you get regarding your domain name, you can ignore. Unless the email is from the company which you bought the name, it is spam, scam or phish. And even then, don’t click any links. The scammers may make the email look like it is from your registrar.

Most of these type of emails will say you have a limited time to confirm, protect, or -fill in blank- your domain name. The email is designed to play on your impulse to solve the problem quickly and click.

If they are not scamming you then they are trying to sell you something that you don’t need. Look at this email below: click it to enlarge

You will notice the spammers in this one I received made no attempt to hide the fact that they are from some web company (see return email address and link url). They also use strong threatening language like “failure to do so will result in bla bla bla..” or “Do not discard this message..”. This one in particular is designed for the newer domain name purchaser who is essentially a novice in this area. 

Be Careful, Even the Unsubscribe Button May be a Phishing Trick

latest info about phishingBy now you probably have become pretty good at spotting a phishing or “spoof” email. The email looks a bit off right? Those are the easy ones. But phishers and scammers are getting better at their phishing emails.

Lately we have been seeing a new wave of emails where they take an existing email from the actual company and duplicate it with very good effect. A couple tips to remember are: Continue reading

Beware of Tricky Web Solicitations

Concept of sending e-mailsAs anyone with an email account has probably experienced, there are lots of spammy and scammy emails being sent out there. Some are very obvious spam and have ED pill ads in them or are asking that you send money to Nigeria. But for the new business or new website owner, the spam scam emails change tenor. You may receive a very personal looking email that says they have been trying to contact you or even that they work for Google. They will then say they have a service that your company needs or it will be lost in search engines forever.

The truth is that these emails are just as useless and as spamy as the type I first mentioned. Since you registered a domain name, your contact info becomes available on public registries. The spammers use a robot to crawl public records and to help figure out what kind of spam they are going to send you. Continue reading

Beware of the Latest Round of Phishing Emails

The scammers are good but their greed gives them away. The attached image is of a phishing email sent to me today.  If they made it only for 50 bucks or 75 bucks I would have maybe started to believe it, but probably not. 500 buck Christmas gift card? Yeah right.  Nobody gives that out. Maybe in scammer world they do.

So, this holiday season beware of all the different ways scammers will try to take advantage of you. The links within a phishing email when clicked can launch viruses that allow hackers to crack your computers security.  It can be a very dangerous thing. So this holiday season, as always, be careful what you click. (click on image to see larger copy)