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SEO is Still About Know-how and Hard Work

search engine optimization contentWhen it comes to search engine optimization, there are a lot of misguided impressions about the industry. Some people still think there are some magic tricks that can be done to make a site climb the Google results.

But knowing how to optimize a site isn’t a magic trick. You just need the proper training and repetition. That is why so many companies hire a professional SEO programmer. Because through his/her training/trial-and-error, he/she has been able to hone the skills necessary to achieve results.

Still, even with the exact knowledge of how to optimize, there is no way around hard work. It takes time to fill out every keyword tag, every meta-data section and to clean the coding and server so that it easy for search engines to access and spider your site. But this is only half of the equation. Continue reading

Google’s AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

Mobile Phone Internet Browser Vertical TemplateLearning more about the new and upcoming advances through Google when you’re a webmaster can put you at the top of your game when it comes to holding that first page spot on their search engine. The newest technology that the company has come out with is Google AMP. This is a new way that mobile pages throughout the Internet are viewed and ranked through Google. This new technology is going to help many companies provide web pages that can work across all types of mobile devices. With rich content, deep graphics and even video loading faster than ever, it is going to be a boost for the audiences that use the many websites. Continue reading

Mobile Friendly Site is a Must

Smart phone mobile navigation.This week Google will start rolling out changes to its algorithm that favors more mobile friendly sites when showing results to mobile users. Some companies and webmasters are freaking out about this evolution in search.  It only makes sense though that a more mobile friendly site should be shown before a less mobile friendly site to searchers on a mobile device.

It is estimated that about half of all searches now take place on a mobile device, whether that be phone or tablet.  There are still plenty of laptops and desktops in use though and one estimate claims that up to 3/4 of online sales occur on the laptop/desktop devices vs the mobile ones.

Who this will affect?

If your site was not built within the last year or so then there is a higher chance that is not mobile friendly. It simply has not been a major priority for web developers and business owners to make a special mobile friendly version of the site. Many companies just built downloadable apps instead. But it is now turning out that the mobile friendly or a mobile version of the site is the best way to go.

What can be done?

Your webmaster or the team here at Olympusweb.com can work on your site to make it responsive. This means that the site will automatically change the size of its borders to fill up the mobile device screen. Also, the links will appear more prominently. To see if your site currently is “mobile friendly” you can use the link here: Google mobile friendly test

Contact Us today if you need help making your site mobile friendly.