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Bitcoin Thieves Up Their Game

I typically just stick to content related to web design and search engine optimization on this blog. But from time to time I will post an article about scams that are taking place in the virtual world. Today is an especially unique blog for me in that it will be the first time that I discuss cryptocurrency on this platform.

Electrum hack and phish

As you probably know by now, cryptocurrency is basically internet money. People use it by sending it to one another at which point they can exchange it for the fiat currency of their choice. It uses a technology called blockchain to complete the transaction. Continue reading

Beware of the Latest Round of Phishing Emails

The scammers are good but their greed gives them away. The attached image is of a phishing email sent to me today.  If they made it only for 50 bucks or 75 bucks I would have maybe started to believe it, but probably not. 500 buck Christmas gift card? Yeah right.  Nobody gives that out. Maybe in scammer world they do.

So, this holiday season beware of all the different ways scammers will try to take advantage of you. The links within a phishing email when clicked can launch viruses that allow hackers to crack your computers security.  It can be a very dangerous thing. So this holiday season, as always, be careful what you click. (click on image to see larger copy)