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Importance of Getting Customers to Review You on Google

There are three types of search results you find on Google:

  1. Pay-per-click: People pay money to show up in the top and bottom margins with the little green box that says “Ad”. Every time the link is clicked, money is deducted from their funded account. The amount per click depends on what the client has bid, which can be as low as 50 cents or as high as $15.
  2. Organic: These are the “natural” results that we have been seeing since Google’s inception back in 1998. They are located in the main body.
  3. Local Places: This is the box that appears on top of the organic search results that usually has a map and some dots showing where the  business is located.

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History of Pay Per Click Fraud

Back when I first started in this business in the very early 2000’s pay-per-click advertising was in its infancy. The sector was overrun with wanna be search engines, fly by night search engines and very few reputable search engines. Search engine optimization was not really an actual thing yet so paying per click was the most viable option. But you had to beware of where you spent your money.

Back then many search engines would claim they supplied search results for Google, MSN and Yahoo but there was no proof that they actually did. The big search companies like those I have just mentioned often times farmed out their paid clicks and split the revenue with the supplier. Continue reading

Organic vs. Pay Per Click

If you have spent any time trying to promote your site then you know the meaning of these two words. But just in case you don’t here is a quick primer: Organic traffic is clicks that come from the regular search results in the main body of the page. Pay Per Click traffic is the traffic that comes from the “sponsored” section of the search results.

Fifteen years ago you could really get your bang for your buck with pay-per-click advertising. You could get clicks for as little as .10 -.25 cents. The main drawback to the method of getting traffic was that there was a large amount of click fraud perpetrated by the pay-per-click companies themselves as well as your competitors. Even the well-regarded Google was a part of this terrible practice and had to settle a $90 million lawsuitContinue reading

Tricks Don’t Work

When vying to get your website noticed you will most definitely stumble across some sites that guarantee you that they will get you first page Google for $199 a month. Let me tell you what will happen. A few months will go by and you will be out $500+ before you realize you have been scammed. There are only two ways that money will buy you top listing.

1) You pay for “pay-per-click” listing with Google and you basically pay money every time someone clicks your link. (Can get very expensive very fast with few results btw).

2) You spend the time or pay someone to spend the time to create a site loaded with unique and fresh content that will pay off in the medium to long run. (This option takes hard work and patience).

There are no secret tricks to SEO. You need time/money, patience, diligence, Internet ethics.


Print Ads vs. Website

I was talking with a client today and we were marveling at the amount that people will spend on print ads and how little they may spend online. At the same time he told me that 95% of his business is either referral, drive by or customers found him online. Print ads still have their place and especially for certain businesses that may be trying to attract an older clientele. But most businesses should spend more on online marketing (S.E.O., link placement, and pay-per-click) than they spend on print ads.