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Should I Approve Blog Comments from Other Businesses

approving comments on my blogMany blogs offer the option to leave a comment. There are multiple ways to leave them. The blog could utilize a Facebook plug-in that allows someone logged into Facebook to comment easily. Other sites use blog membership plug-ins with similar functionality, like Disqus. However, many people find these can be troublesome down the road when the company changes its terms, starts charging money or goes out of business.

The best solution is to offer an open comment form that allows the person to submit their name, email, comment and website. The website option is for those people commenting on behalf of a company or their own blog. Continue reading

Guide to Backlinks in Modern Search Engine Optimization

The term ‘backlinks’ is certainly one of the most used terms in the world of Search Engine Optimization and is also one of the most important. In modern search engine optimization they are truly a vital factor and are considered as the primary building blocks of any good optimization process.

In simple terms backlinks are links that divert traffic to any particular website. They are also often referred as inbound links and their number considered by the search engine as an indication of popularity for any particular website. For some of the most popular search engines including Google backlinks are especially important and sites with more quality b Continue reading