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Test Your Contact Form Regularly

contact form monitoringCan you imagine how disappointed you would feel if you found out that you had less sales this year because your contact form wasn’t working properly? Hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars of revenue because of a failure of your website to function properly.

Well, it happens. The reasons it happens can vary but in today’s web world, the most likely reason is that the contact form plug-in changed and broke the coding. The changes happen when the plug-ins are updated. Recently, there was a big mess when the people who manage the Contact Form 7 plug-in released an updated version that broke the functionality on many websites. Continue reading

Having a Website and Social Media is a Must

website and social media marketingIf you have a business, having an online presence in the form of a website is a must. Having social media pages for you business, such as Facebook and Twitter, is also essential. But, having one without the other is not a good idea.

We have found that the crossover between social media and the traditional website is a major factor in clients familiarizing themselves with a business. Both social media and a website serve similar functions, but a website really helps flesh out your capabilities and allows you to present the customer with exactly what you want them to see. Continue reading

Single Page Optimization

learn how to optimize you article on the webThere is not point in having a very optimized page that is within a website which is itself not optimized. Google would not see this page as the “single great apple in a basket of rotten apples”, rather, they would just see it as a basket of rotten apples. With that said, I am going to discuss the proper optimization of a single page.

Industry practices in this matter change all the time as Google itself changes. It is important to stay updated on all the algorithm changes at Google by reading their various blogsContinue reading

Efficient and More Affordable SEO

With SEO as a need for website owners, knowing how to get the keywords and other factors in place, and keep them there, is a good thing. You have to ensure that you are using the best practices, tools and companies out there to boost your ratings. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should always find ways of keeping costs down without just hiring anyone, because affordable SEO is possible, but may be difficult to find.

Here are a handful of ways that you can help keep your SEO costs down, while keeping your SEO top notch. Continue reading

The Future of the Automobile

image from www.thefuturecars.com

image from www.thefuturecars.com

Picture the very first automobile.  You probably pictured a Ford, didn’t you?  Did you know the first car was actually a steam powered contraption built in China in 1687 for Chinese Emperor Chien Lung?  Many people think that Henry Ford is responsible for the first car, but he actually was responsible for the manufacturing process used in today’s cars, the assembly line.  His Ford cars were a far cry from that first steam powered car in China.  And today’s cars look entirely different than those produced by Henry Ford.  Technologies move forward and we can’t help but wonder, what will the car of the future be like? Continue reading

Loss of Privacy in Today’s World

Block with Lock Graphic on Computer KeyboardModern technology has brought us many wonderful things.  There is voice recognition that enables those who don’t have use of their hands to put thoughts to paper.  There is navigational technology that can direct you precisely to any location you can think of.  You can now monitor your home on your phone while hundreds of miles away on vacation.  And who would have thought that one day you would be able to do all of your banking with your phone?  It’s amazing all the progress that has been made to make everyday living more convenient. Continue reading

Misconceptions about SEO

Web concept or internetBack in the stone age of SEO, the late 1990’s, there was a form to fill out to submit to search engines. This form would have site titles and keywords on them. That’s it. It was the infancy of SEO. And it didn’t last very long. Many of the keywords were spam. The practice of submitting forms was virtually gone by 2001. As you can expect, things got a lot more complicated from there.

Since keywords are the most common way someone is going to find you on the web, here are some misconceptions about them. Continue reading

A searcher’s nightmare from SEO

Search bar on virtual screenI am exhausted! I have been sitting at this computer for 3 hours trying to find what I’m looking for. You would think it would be easy; type in the word in the search box, hit query and TA DA! Well, that was 3 hours ago and many, many, many tries since. I am finding everything but what I need.

Okay, here’s the scenario. I am looking for the name and address of someone who belongs to a cellphone number. I have this cellphone number on a piece of paper in my planner with a note that says “call on Thursday, urgent”. Of course I didn’t write the name or any other information on it; silly me. And of course, there is no answer on that phone. Now I’m stuck in this nightmare trying to find ANY information about it. Continue reading

Moving up in Google Ranks

'SEO CONCEPT' written on the blackboardNo matter which study you look at, you will see that Google is the most widely used search engine.  In one study, Google was reported to be the tool used for over 65% of all searches worldwide.  In another study, Google has over 1 billion unique monthly visitors.  Still other studies show that less than ten percent of searchers will advance to page two of Google results.  With this amount of traffic and potential sales, page one is the place you want to be.  Continue reading

Google Panda 4.0

googleThe latest Google analytic update is a dual update and they are named Panda 4.0 and Payday Loans 2.0. They are both aimed at reducing the amount of spammy content on their search results. Google tends to keep the minute details of their updates secret so SEO watchers are tasked with dissecting the updates after they are rolled out.

All we get from Google is that the updates are aimed at reducing spammy sites from their top pages on search results.  The Payday Loans update is a little more specific in that it is designed to target the very spammy queries like payday loan ads and insurance ads. Continue reading