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Creating Customers by Proximity

boosting a postWhat does this mean? Basically, it is the business philosophy of being seen today can lead to customers tomorrow. This is why it is important to churn out content. The article you write today may plant the seed in the customer’s mind. They may think of you the next time they need a service that you offer. You can gain a future client tomorrow by simply being in their proximity today.


Creating a blog post as often as you can and sharing on social media is a good way to constantly remind people that you exist. If they are unaware of your business, they will never call on you. Continue reading

How Does Adding Content to My Site Help?

content creation for my blog affordable price optimizedHere’s the deal. A website should be a constantly evolving entity. It should be updated regularly. Anything and everything that has to do with your business should be on your website. This is how over half of your current and potential clients will interact with your business.

Adding fresh new content, whether via blog or site pages, is part of the effort mentioned above. The content informs new visitors and existing clients of what you are doing/thinking.

But the content serves more purpose than just giving something for visitors to look at. The content improves your ranking with Google and other search engines. The Google algorithms are set in a way that reward those who are active with their website. You put in more work, you get better results. Continue reading

Single Page Optimization

learn how to optimize you article on the webThere is not point in having a very optimized page that is within a website which is itself not optimized. Google would not see this page as the “single great apple in a basket of rotten apples”, rather, they would just see it as a basket of rotten apples. With that said, I am going to discuss the proper optimization of a single page.

Industry practices in this matter change all the time as Google itself changes. It is important to stay updated on all the algorithm changes at Google by reading their various blogsContinue reading

Using Content to Improve Ranking

The basic theory to using content for search engine optimization is that while writing unique and relevant articles for your blog or back pages, you not only provide information to inquisitive readers, but you also give search engines more of your keywords to latch onto.

Writing informative content about your subject matter will automatically fill your site with your coveted keywords for a search engine to gobble up. If you sell fidget spinners for instance, you will be including the word fidget spinner in your content repeatedly whether you want to or not. It is impossible to write an article about your product and not include the main focus word. But you will also be including qualifying words, ie, words that usually go hand in hand with your product. Continue reading

Fresh Relevant Content Still Number One SEO Factor

As you may already know there are a multitude of key factors when performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many consider it to be an exact science. At the same time, many industry professionals do not.

I read dozens of blogs weekly including that of Google search guru Matt Cutts. I I read these blogs and take from them bits of information that help me form my approach to SEO. It is an approach that is always changing because the algorithms of major search-engines like Google and Yahoo are always changing.  Continue reading

Quality Content and SEO

Content on Golden Compass.Search engines are continuously looking to improve their user’s experience with every new algorithm update and addition; this is especially true of Google. On the flip side, website owners are always looking to improve their user traffic and to rank as high as possible in web search results, turning to search engine optimization (SEO) tricks and tools to achieve this. There are many ways a site can increase its search engine ranking but at the end of the day, these sites need to provide quality content in order to keep from being penalized and to ultimately maximize potential search engine ranking.

Luckily, for those who are always looking for ways to improve basic website quality, Google includes ways to optimize site quality on its blog. According to Google, an easy and quick fix way to both improve user experience while gaining points towards search engine ranking is simply speeding up your webpage speed and load time. Another quick fix one can make to their site to instantly improve experience and ranking is adjusting webpage layout. By simply keeping the most important content “above the fold” and limiting the amount of advertisements on a page, one might see an increase in search engine rank. Continue reading

An Interview with a Patent Attorney

shark-tankWith the success and popularity of the show “Shark Tank”, interest in inventing and patenting is at its zenith.  On the show, people bring in their idea or business model and try to secure funding to take it to the next level.

One of my clients is Widerman & Malek Law Firm. They are patent, copyright & trademark attorneys.  I thought it would be a great idea to interview Mark Malek, managing partner for the firm, and share his insights with our readership.

Me: Mark, does someone ever walk into your office with a great and idea and you think to yourself “why didn’t I (or somebody) think of that already?!”? Continue reading

Fresh Content a Must for Proper SEO

The word Content on a cork notice boardIf you have spent any time researching the necessary elements to ensure the best search engine optimization (SEO) for your webpage, you have read that fresh content is paramount. As you read this you might be wondering what qualifies as “fresh” content and how often does a site with mostly static information need to update its content. Let’s take a look at how fresh content affects search engine result ratings and how you can keep your site performing at its best.

It has been true for quite sometime that a webpage needs to be routinely updated to remain relevant for the bigger search engines. Google has been and still remains the frontrunner in developing new algorithms to find the most relevant search results and with its most recent overhaul last year named Hummingbird, it is even more so. Search engines are looking for the most pertinent, highest quality content to present to their users. These search engines rank sites that are updated regularly higher over those that have remain unchanged. They do this because a site that is routinely updated is more likely to contain useful information over one that contains older content. Continue reading

The Importance of Unique Content to SEO

Content Is King Website Screen Increase Traffic More Articles FeWhen it comes to SEO, the importance of providing high quality, original content cannot be stressed enough.  In fact, this can often be the main factor in determining the overall success of your website.  Because the internet is watered-down with reproduced, unoriginal material, SEO can be a somewhat difficult goal to achieve.  Not only is unique content crucial for your own websites’ integrity, but it is equally important in regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Continue reading

Google’s “Hummingbird” Algorithm Takes Flight

google-hummingbird2It has been awhile since I have had a chance to blog about all things tech.  But when major changes in the industry occur I like to drop whatever I am doing and update our readers.

You are probably already familiar with Google Algorithms or at the very least know what they are.  When they roll out new implementations they give them cute little names like “Panda” and “Penguin”. Well Google has rolled out a new algorithm and guess what?.. you guessed it, it has a cute nickname.  It is called “Hummingbird”. Continue reading