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Using Content to Improve Ranking

The basic theory to using content for search engine optimization is that while writing unique and relevant articles for your blog or back pages, you not only provide information to inquisitive readers, but you also give search engines more of your keywords to latch onto.

Writing informative content about your subject matter will automatically fill your site with your coveted keywords for a search engine to gobble up. If you sell fidget spinners for instance, you will be including the word fidget spinner in your content repeatedly whether you want to or not. It is impossible to write an article about your product and not include the main focus word. But you will also be including qualifying words, ie, words that usually go hand in hand with your product. Continue reading

Is SEO the Secret to Getting More Business?

SEO is a big name throughout the Internet marketing industry. This is something that nearly all companies should think about. Not only does this allow your company to be seen more, but it has gained ground fast through the benefits that it provides to all Internet users. When you are putting your website out there, but only using marketing tactics to get people to come in and view it, then you might not be utilizing all of the tools that you can to get visitors when coming to a website. Knowing whether or not SEO is the secret to your business gaining ground is something that you’d have to try for yourself, but learning more about it can be ideal. Continue reading

My Tips for Starting your Own Small Business

My Tips for Starting your Own Small Business

By Brad Taylor

Startup business concept2001 was the last time I had a “real job”. By real job I mean the kind that you have to clock in and be there for a certain amount of hours. I had a boss. I had co-workers. I had a job.

Since I was very young I always knew I wanted to have my own business. I opened a small “store” in the closet of my bedroom called “NMC Stores” when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I sold silly little things that  I made like cigars (paper bag wrapped around paper towel), lottery tickets (made with cardboard and pen and covered with pencil. The way you scratch them was to use the eraser), and even a Space Shuttle replica that in my head looked awesome (and still does to this day) but probably looked like a tangled mess of paper and cardboard. My brother was my best customer and a few of the neighbor kids would buy something from time to time. Continue reading

Local: FBC – Melbourne’s Award Winning Craft Brewery

Even though Olympusweb.com is a company with international clients, we like to feature local events and businesses on this blog from time to time. Supporting your local businesses is something that everybody should do and will help to keep your area economy strong. With that said check out this article about Florida Beer Company:


There is nothing more refreshing than a nice cold beer on a hot summer’s day and luckily for Melbourne residents, there is the Florida Beer Company (FBC); a local craft brewery founded in 1996 as the Indian River Brewing Company. Housed in a former cigar factory, the brewery is located right off Harbor City Boulevard in Melbourne. Beginning with just two beers, Indian River Shoal Draft and Indian River Amberjack, the FBC now offers over ten different varieties, including seasonal brews. Continue reading

Client Spotlight: Injury Care Clinic

SEO websiteFrom time to time we feature a client of ours and go into some depth about the client’s company and the website we manage for them. Today’s featured client is Injury Care Clinic of Melbourne Florida.

Injury Care Clinic is a Doctor’s office specializing in treatment of car accident patients. The business was started in October of 2010 by Joseph W. Slattery, III, M.D.

Dr. Slattery is a Long Island native and did his undergraduate work at Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska.  He then went on to study Continue reading