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Test Your Contact Forms Often

contact for tips seo melbourneThis week I was looking for a new landscaping company to cut and trim my grass. I went to a couple of their websites and filled out the contact form then clicked “send”.  What happened next is why I am writing this blog.

The forms (on two different sites) returned an error page which meant that they was broken. It made me think, “how long have these forms been broken and how much business have these companies lost because of this?”. Personally, I try to test the contact forms a few times a month for each one of my clients. But, if you are a business owner, you should test it weekly. Think about if you never got that big client that you currently have. That would be infuriating.  Continue reading

The Best New Google Chrome Apps For Small Businesses

google-driveSeeking for some new applications for your business? A mind blowing range of Google Chrome applications are available, which will truly re-define your business. With these innovative applications, you can advertise your  business across different platforms, namely Smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. So, let’s take a look at these amazing apps.

The Tweetdeck for Chrome is actually an application for social media management and actually allows marketers to engage in real time Twitter conversations. The application comes with an integrated twitter timeline providing a host of standard and alternative options and can also be used as a Twitter command center. Continue reading