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How Does Adding Content to My Site Help?

content creation for my blog affordable price optimizedHere’s the deal. A website should be a constantly evolving entity. It should be updated regularly. Anything and everything that has to do with your business should be on your website. This is how over half of your current and potential clients will interact with your business.

Adding fresh new content, whether via blog or site pages, is part of the effort mentioned above. The content informs new visitors and existing clients of what you are doing/thinking.

But the content serves more purpose than just giving something for visitors to look at. The content improves your ranking with Google and other search engines. The Google algorithms are set in a way that reward those who are active with their website. You put in more work, you get better results. Continue reading

Importance of Getting Customers to Review You on Google

There are three types of search results you find on Google:

  1. Pay-per-click: People pay money to show up in the top and bottom margins with the little green box that says “Ad”. Every time the link is clicked, money is deducted from their funded account. The amount per click depends on what the client has bid, which can be as low as 50 cents or as high as $15.
  2. Organic: These are the “natural” results that we have been seeing since Google’s inception back in 1998. They are located in the main body.
  3. Local Places: This is the box that appears on top of the organic search results that usually has a map and some dots showing where the  business is located.

Continue reading

Local: Don’t Miss These Great Melbourne, FL Events

Brevard County FL events and activitiesWith events for all happening in and around Melbourne, FL, you can expect to find something that is suited more towards your needs and likes. When visiting the area, this list provides a little something extra for you to check out. Don’t forget to grab something out of the ordinary to eat!

Brevard County Farmer’s Market

If you want to shop for those fresh ingredients for all of your recipes, the Brevard County Farmer’s Market has them all and more. Held on every Thursday of the week from 3 to 6PM, you can expect to see a lot of farmer’s selling their finest ingredients to those that come out. Located at the Wickham Park, they’re excited to see you there! Continue reading

Targeting your customers using SEO

SEO with puzzle and world map, search engine optimization, flatThere are millions of people on the internet every minute of every day. Each one of these people could potentially be your customer. Do you know how to ensure you attract the right individuals that will become customers? By effectively using SEO you can do just that.

Let’s say you live in Melbourne, Florida. You are searching for the best value on a new refrigerator. When you pull up your search engine; Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other, you will most likely type “refrigerator” into the search box. Since refrigerators are listed on your website, that customer stands a good chance at seeing your website on the list of sites recommended by the search engine. You need to put the appropriate text on your site to draw a customer to you. The customer is not going to type in “food cooling apparatuses” so don’t stretch out the description of what you are offering. This is called “keyword stuffing” and went out of practice a long time ago. Doing that will only frustrate someone and they will move on to another website that is more concise. Keep the title of your business relevant to your product. Titling your website “Melbourne’s best coffee” may sound like a good idea, but if using that brings a potential customer to a bed and breakfast website, it isn’t going to help you out at all. Continue reading

Get Ready for the Fair – Palm Bay Fair

palm-bay-fairThe Palm Bay Fair is coming on October 16th to the 26th.  They plans are in full swing and it’s promised that all will have a fantastic time. Sponsored by Space Coast Harley Davidson, it will be located on a 15-acre spot at the intersection of I-95 and Palm Bay Road.

For the price of admission ($10 to $15), you will have access to as many free rides as you or the kids can handle and all the free shows you can attend.  There will be ten games of skill and twenty six rides.  Other offerings this year include: Continue reading

Adopt a Furry Friend

cat and dog sleeping togetherFor the entire month of September, the Brevard County Animal Services is once again offering its popular Wheel of Adoption incentive program!  Once you become eligible to adopt one of these lovable, but homeless, creatures, you simply spin the wheel and see what type of incentive you get. If you hit the right spot on the wheel, you could actually get all adoption fees waived!  This is a savings of up to $80 per pet. Through the wheel program, you could also win prizes or win a reduced adoption fee.

All adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, are current on vaccinations, and are micro-chipped prior to becoming eligible for adoption.  Adoption centers can be found in both Melbourne and Titusville.  Continue reading

Is it Shark Week or Shark Month?

Great White SharksShark Week first aired in 1988 on the Discovery Channel. Since then, it has become a world-wide cultural phenomenon.  It is broadcast in over 72 countries and is the longest-running cable television event in history.  There are some really neat factual shows broadcast during this week on the Discovery channel, as well as a few slightly exaggerated fictional shows designed more to entertain than educate.  But let’s face it – many people also can’t wait to tune in for the purely fictitious shark shows, such as Sharknado on the Syfy channel.

Here in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area of Florida, we don’t just watch for sharks on TV. We live it.  It lasts more than a week.  In fact, it lasts more than a month.  Florida is sometimes known as the Shark Attack Capital of the World! Continue reading

Moving up in Google Ranks

'SEO CONCEPT' written on the blackboardNo matter which study you look at, you will see that Google is the most widely used search engine.  In one study, Google was reported to be the tool used for over 65% of all searches worldwide.  In another study, Google has over 1 billion unique monthly visitors.  Still other studies show that less than ten percent of searchers will advance to page two of Google results.  With this amount of traffic and potential sales, page one is the place you want to be.  Continue reading

Local: FBC – Melbourne’s Award Winning Craft Brewery

Even though Olympusweb.com is a company with international clients, we like to feature local events and businesses on this blog from time to time. Supporting your local businesses is something that everybody should do and will help to keep your area economy strong. With that said check out this article about Florida Beer Company:


There is nothing more refreshing than a nice cold beer on a hot summer’s day and luckily for Melbourne residents, there is the Florida Beer Company (FBC); a local craft brewery founded in 1996 as the Indian River Brewing Company. Housed in a former cigar factory, the brewery is located right off Harbor City Boulevard in Melbourne. Beginning with just two beers, Indian River Shoal Draft and Indian River Amberjack, the FBC now offers over ten different varieties, including seasonal brews. Continue reading

Local Post: Historic Downtown – The Best Eats in Melbourne

downtown-melbThe next time you are looking to go out to dinner, skip one of the many chain restaurants you can find anywhere, and check out some of the independently owned places right in our own Historic Downtown here in Melbourne. From pizza to burgers, pub food to fine dining, the Historic Downtown area has anything and everything.

If italian fare is what you are in the mood for, Brio Pizza & Pasta and Brio Italiano Restaurant & Bar have got you covered. Continue reading