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Now is the Perfect Time to Work on Your SEO

work from home on your websiteMany people have found themselves stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine. This goes for small business owners too. Regular business has slowed for almost every sector. Some business owners feel frustrated that they cannot be productive. But there is good news: you don’t have to watch Netflix all day. You can be productive right now!

It is the perfect time to work on your website. You can be doing the following: Continue reading

Tips to Bring Your Site Back to Life

website tipsMany people and businesses will build a website then think that their work is done. If your goal is to get new and repeat customers then you must stay active with your website.

Google spiders your website daily. If it sees the same exact site every day then it has no choice but to either keep you ranked where you are or even put other sites that are more active above you.

You must keep your website “living” or Google will treat it like its “dead”. That is a cold hard fact. In this article I have put together some tips that will keep your site updated and consequently help you move up the search engine rankings. Continue reading

Search Engine News and Updates

Duck Duck Go usage

DuckDuckGo Usage Stats

First, we start with news from Google, since they are by far the leader in search. Tomorrow, changes are expected to be rolled out that affect the way Google treats “no-follow” tags. The no-follow tag has traditionally been considered an instruction to search engines to not follow a particular link in a website. The webmaster, for a myriad of reasons, may have considered that link not worth following or didn’t want its search results influences by the presence of that particular link.

Now Google will officially take no-follow instructions as a “suggestion” according to Google executive John Mueller. But, it has been our experience that they have been doing this for some time as evidenced by this article shared on our Facebook page last month. Continue reading

Google’s BERT Algorithm Update

Google BERT - What is it?It has always been a goal of Google to provide the searcher with real and accurate content. The challenge has been to scan everyone of the internet’s 1.74 billion websites and find the most helpful content. They use spiders and algorithms to perform this task. Every year they update their algorithms in hopes that it provides better search results for their users. They usually attach a nickname to these updates.

The update for 2020 is called Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or BERT. One of the goals of this new roll-out is to find human-written content that is helpful and informative. The reason that “human-written” is important is that there are a plethora of websites that generate automatic text, using bots. These content pages may include keywords and links but they are essentially gibberish to a real, actual human. You may have run across pages like this in the past. Continue reading

Your Website And Its Performance

optimize for mobile usersOnce you’ve designed and created your website, you may think all you need to do is sit back and wait for traffic to come pouring in from search engines. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Putting aside the necessary marketing efforts needed to drive traffic, both organically and otherwise, a huge consideration for every website owner should continually be their site’s performance.

When we talk about website performance, we are referring to its speed and the time it takes for pages to load. A website that under-performs will be viewed negatively by its visitors which will, in turn, negatively impact conversions.

Not only that, but the search engines like Google take website speed very seriously and penalize slow sites by placing them lower down in their search engine pages. Thus, making organic reach even more difficult.

And, it doesn’t stop there. Even if you don’t consider organic traffic to be particularly important because you are planning a paid ad campaign with the likes of Google Adwords, your ads and quality score will be affected by your site’s speed too! Continue reading

Do You Need an App for Your Business? Probably Not.

do i need an app for my business?Apps have been in the mainstream public eye for over a decade now. The idea that you download a program that only interfaces with one company, theme or complete one type of task has been a hit. We have the people at Apple to thank for that. The success of the iphone quickly carried over into other markets and now even windows calls their programs “apps” now.

An app can be tremendously useful for repetitive tasks. If you need to pay your bill, add movies to your streaming que, edit images or whatever you need to do, an app is the perfect solution. Apps work so well in everyday life that business owners often think to themselves “Hey, I should get an app!”. But, an app may not be the way to go and here’s why: Continue reading

Site Optimization – Don’t Display Images that are Hosted Elsewhere

improve website speedOne of the most important factors search engines consider when ranking your site is load speed. We have covered that before. But, today we want to go into the topic of serving images on your website.

You probably know by now that images on your website should be an optimized size so that they do not slow the page load speed when the site is visited. But, you should also make sure not to serve images from a server outside of the server from which your website is currently being stored.

Having images on your site that are being served from a different server can slow the load process tremendously. Also, search engines actually look for this and hold it against your ranking. Continue reading

Internet Statistics for Businesses

purpose of writing contentFor a business, having a web presence is a must. And this means more than just having a social media page. Creating your own online identity complete with unique content is the real definition of having an online presence.

Recently, I was looking up some web statistics and suggestions and figured I would share them with you today. Continue reading

Site Loading Time Becoming More Important

Page speed and SEOIn Google’s constant quest to serve up the best websites possible, they are always tweaking their requirements. One factor that has been very important this decade and will be for the immediate future is site load time. How long does it take your website to load from when first requested? That is what every webmaster should be asking his/herself. This is a key component to proper web design and SEO.

We all have been to a site that seemingly takes for ever to load. You are trying to scroll down but the page won’t move because it is busy loading some ad. Most of the time the reason this is taking so long is because the site is identifying where you are located and then it is trying to serve ads related to your area. This can ad a lot of load time onto the website. Continue reading

Does Location of Server Affect my SEO?

does server location affect seo?There are a plethora of hosting services popping up over-seas, targeting U.S. customers. Some are as cheap as a $1 a month. We have done our due-diligence on these companies and many of them are legit. So, with fast hosting that is cheap, what could be wrong with it?

Many of these companies are located in places like Hong Kong, Singapore and Brazil. Therefore their servers are also located there. One thing that search engines like Google do is that they associate a server location with the location of targeted traffic. For many web developers with websites overseas this is a pain in the buns.

There are some ways to mitigate this problem and I will discuss them here. Continue reading