Google Starting to Think Like People

googleIt appears after 17 years of operation the Google search engine is finally starting to mimic the thoughts of a human being. Instead of you having to type “best restaurant+seafood+Melbourne+Florida” you can just say or type “what is the best seafood restaurant locally?”. The reason for this ability is the implementation of many years of algorithmic updates.

Google’s latest updates include something called “long tail keywords”. This is for searches that add on detail to the subject of the search. ex. “what seafood restaurant in Melbourne Fl. offers the best shrimp?”

Google has come so far that they are officially considered an “A.I.” ie artificial intelligence.  Now, before you start thinking all Terminator on me, I should mention that Google is not in control of any weapons or defense systems. LOL.

What All This Means to Website Owners

These most recent updates mean that you can optimize your website for longer key terms. Don’t be afraid to put entire search strings in your meta keywords or tags section.

Tell your webmaster to include longer search strings in your optimizing or send him/her this article at least. That is my professional opinion.

~ Brad


Designing a Website with SEO in Mind

googleSEO = Search Engine Optimization or in other words getting your site to rank higher in Google.

When you are attracting customers to your website, it’s imperative to understand how to effectively design your site using SEO (search engine optimization). You need to understand how a search engine operates. Search engines are very limited in how they move through the internet. Search engines see things a lot different than you or I. Here are a few things you need to know to have your site bringing in the customers using SEO. Continue reading

A searcher’s nightmare from SEO

Search bar on virtual screenI am exhausted! I have been sitting at this computer for 3 hours trying to find what I’m looking for. You would think it would be easy; type in the word in the search box, hit query and TA DA! Well, that was 3 hours ago and many, many, many tries since. I am finding everything but what I need.

Okay, here’s the scenario. I am looking for the name and address of someone who belongs to a cellphone number. I have this cellphone number on a piece of paper in my planner with a note that says “call on Thursday, urgent”. Of course I didn’t write the name or any other information on it; silly me. And of course, there is no answer on that phone. Now I’m stuck in this nightmare trying to find ANY information about it. Continue reading

Importance of not falling for SEO Scammers

paymentLike any business where big money is at stake, the SEO world has attracted its fair share of scammers.  These are people who promise the world, overstate their qualifications, overpromise end results and will take any amount of money that you are willing to send.

It’s a fact that most small business owners prefer to hire someone to do their SEO work.  After all, there are some things that are best left to the professional.  And just like you’d want to hire a good mechanic or electrician, you also need to make sure you hire a good SEO expert.  Continue reading

Is it Shark Week or Shark Month?

Great White SharksShark Week first aired in 1988 on the Discovery Channel. Since then, it has become a world-wide cultural phenomenon.  It is broadcast in over 72 countries and is the longest-running cable television event in history.  There are some really neat factual shows broadcast during this week on the Discovery channel, as well as a few slightly exaggerated fictional shows designed more to entertain than educate.  But let’s face it – many people also can’t wait to tune in for the purely fictitious shark shows, such as Sharknado on the Syfy channel.

Here in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area of Florida, we don’t just watch for sharks on TV. We live it.  It lasts more than a week.  In fact, it lasts more than a month.  Florida is sometimes known as the Shark Attack Capital of the World! Continue reading

Optimizing your site for mobile use

Businessman with tablet computerIn the past five years, mobile use on the web has increased dramatically.  It is estimated that the mobile market will generate about $400 billion by the year 2015.  With this big of a market, it’s something that every business needs to address.

It’s important to understand that if your website is not yet optimized for mobile devices that it may not load correctly when accessed through someone’s smart phone.  The best websites have a mobile platform that detects whether a user is accessing the site via a mobile device and then makes certain changes so that it’s easy to read through the content on your site and to navigate through your pages.  Continue reading

Google Says Farewell to Orkut

orkutNot that anybody really knows what Orkut is, but in any case, Google has announced it is shutting down this service and it’s last day will be September 20, 2014.

I kid of course. Orkut was/is a social networking website.  It was founded ten years ago. It is still very popular in India and Brazil but Google has decided to shut down all operations, except for that of Brazil, this year in order to concentrate more on Google + (plus).

Here is their official shut down email: Continue reading

Bing and Yahoo! SEO

yahooWhile there is no question that Google owns the majority of the market when it comes to search engine usage, there are still other search engines out there that should not be discounted. Bing and Yahoo together account for about a quarter of the market and Bing is still continuing to grow. Although these sites don’t reach the see the same number of users as Google does each day, it is still important to understand and adapt to Bing and Yahoo’s search result rankings when looking to reach a webpage’s search engine optimization (SEO). Here is an overview of optimizing your site for Bing, as this site grabs more of the market from Google each year. Continue reading

An Interview with a Patent Attorney

shark-tankWith the success and popularity of the show “Shark Tank”, interest in inventing and patenting is at its zenith.  On the show, people bring in their idea or business model and try to secure funding to take it to the next level.

One of my clients is Widerman & Malek Law Firm. They are patent, copyright & trademark attorneys.  I thought it would be a great idea to interview Mark Malek, managing partner for the firm, and share his insights with our readership.

Me: Mark, does someone ever walk into your office with a great and idea and you think to yourself “why didn’t I (or somebody) think of that already?!”? Continue reading